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    I'm Nikhil

Who Am I?

I'm Nikhil Bhat, a senior at Northeastern University with experience in computer vision, robotics, and autonomous navigation. I love working at the intersection of hardware & software by developing software applications incorporating real world input. Check out my resume here! :-)

Work Experience

Software Engineering Co-Op at Intel
January 2020 - June 2020

• Implemented computer vision and data processing algorithms for 3D Athlete Tracking at the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games
• Designed an end-to-end static camera calibration application using OpenCV and Tkinter resulting in under 5cm of error
• Decreased runtime of the biomechanical analysis module by 20x through algorithm optimizations and data processing adjustments
• Implemented a modified inverse kinematics algorithm on the biomechanical analysis module, reducing start of race error by 70%
• Deployed a modular unit-testing framework for verifying camera calibration accuracy, and integrated it into the team’s CI/CD pipeline

Software Engineering Co-Op at Greensight
January 2019 - July 2019

• Developed an indoor, vision-based, positioning system for drone navigation in GPS-denied environments by using OpenCV and Python to localize position based on a series of ArUco Markers. This earned the company $30,000 in the Verizon 5G Robotics Challenge.
• Designed a self-correcting algorithm for heliostat motion, by using OpenCV to account for GPS errors
• Implemented SLAM navigation algorithms using a combination of 2D LIDAR and depth cameras for an autonomous ground robot
• Created and deployed a ROS network of 100 interconnected devices to track the sun and generate solar power

Data Analyst Intern at Barnes Aerospace
May 2018 - August 2018

• Reduced turbine center frame inspection times by 30% by developing a Python program to implement statistical process control
• Created an interactive GUI using Python linked to an external SQL database allowing for supervisors to view consolidated error reports within any timeframe and location.
• Programmed an application in VBA to dynamically schedule manufacturing operations, accounting for variable lead times for part ordering and tool design

Research Assistant at Northeastern Field Robotics Lab
Sepetember 2017 - April 2018

• Programmed a real time kinematic GPS driver using C++, and implemented it into the autonomous car ROS environment
• Furthered development in drone navigation techniques utilizing AprilTag image detection with ViSP and OpenCV

Robotics Ambassador at CT Science Center
June 2014 - August 2015

• Increased accessibility for disabled patrons of the Hartford Farmer’s Market by manufacturing an autonomous shopping robot utilizing Arduinos, GPS Shields and IR sensors to follow the customer
• Designed and built a robotics exhibit involving driver-controlled soccer robots playing against an Arduino-based autonomous goalie



Machine Learning Fashion App


OpenCV Based Indoor Drone Navigation System

Waste Disposal Robot

Robotic Arm to Dispose Waste After 'Reading' a Note from the User

Endless Trivia

Trivia Game that Uses the Wikipedia API to Automatically Generate Questions

Don't Touch My OJ

OpenCV + Raspberry Pi Based Fridge Security System


Words with Friends Solver which uses OCR to read the board.

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